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The Saturday Economist – Service Sector Update November 2013

The UK is on track for growth of 1.5% this year. The service sector is leading the recovery with a rate of growth of 2.0%.Prior to recession, the trend rate of growth for the service sector was 4%. The sector is above the peak level of output achieved in February 2008. “Leisure” is now the fastest growing sector, expanding by 4% plus in 2013.


Challenge of Change Presentation October 2013

This week, the professor and I presented at the Challenge of Change Presentation October 31st 2013. This is The Saturday Economist presentation for the Grant Thornton Growth Accelerator Conference in association with pro.manchester SME club. Download the charts, we explain how Help to Buy is shaping the recovery.

The Saturday Economist, Service Sector Update, November 2013

The service sector has recovered well from the recession, with the leisure sector performing particularly well. In this short report we outline the key trends which are determining the pattern of recovery in the UK economy. It’s a free download from The Saturday Economist research team.


Housing Market Update October 2013

The Saturday Economist, House Market Monthly Review October 2013

The housing market has a great role to play in the UK recovery. In this monthly update, we include most if not all of the economics parameters you need to monitor to understand just what is happening in the UK Housing Market.



Manufacturing Matters – Notes

John Ashcroft Manufacturing Matters Conference 12 September 2013

Manufacturing Matters Conference 2013. This is the slide show presentation for the Growth Hub Manufacturing Matters Conference in September. Manufacturing is an important part of the economy in the North West of England. Some sectors are growing, others are not. This short slideshow explains all you need to know about the importance of manufacturing in the UK.

The pro.manchester FPS Review September 2013

The pro.manchester financial and professional services sector review September 2013 The pro.manchester FPS Review September 2013. This is our annual review of the FPS sector in Greater Manchester submitted to the LEP and the leader’s office.



Economics Presentation and Forecast Update May 2015 – Download








Welcome to pro.manchester

Welcome to pro∙manchester. With over 300 member firms and more than 5,000 individual members, pro.manchester is the organisation representing the financial and professional sector in Greater Manchester.


Budget for Greater Manchester.


In the Budget for Greater Manchester economist John Ashcroft will argue it is time for the government, to honour the pledge to re balance the economy and pledge more investment towards the regions.

An economy in recovery but at a much slower rate than trend. Without growth it will be difficult to reduce the deficit but growth in service sector output and domestic demand will be the key to a stronger recovery.
Download the budget statement.


How to Develop The Leadership Culture

This is the story of how, in the 1980s, we built a small family business to one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Within 12 years, the company had become an international public company, with revenues of over one billion dollars.



The Economy in Black and White February 2013 UK Overview 2005 – 2015

Dr. John Ashcroft, author of The Saturday Economist, attributes the slow recovery of the UK to weakness of domestic demand exacerbated by real-income constraint rather than debt constraint.

His analysis rejects the popular mantra that stagnation is a symptom of individual debt restraints. “Inflation at 3% and earnings at 1.5% result retail misery, there is a high correlation between real income growth and retail sales volumes.” Said Dr Ashcroft.

The weakness of Sterling and doses of QE are exacerbating problems for the economy. There will be no march of the makers, rebuilding the workshop of the world and no surge in investment until domestic demand, led by the consumer, recovers. A lost decade of growth is not inevitable after a banking crisis. It is time for policy makers to accept weakness of Sterling undermines recovcery and QE extension just casts more water on the drowning”. The slides represent the top picture forecasts for the UK economy 2012 – 2015.

So where is Canada Anyway? Mark Carney is to be the new Governor but where is Canada, just how big is it and what are the key differences in inflation, growth, base rates, gilt yields and currency?






Challenges to Growth in the Financial And Professional Services Sector

In 2012, pro.manchester and New Economy produced a report outlining the potential growth in the Business and Financial and Professional Services sector in Greater Manchester. A sector employing some 260,000 people is capable of generating a further 60,000 – 70,000 jobs over the next ten years according to the research.

The GM LEP has commissioned a further piece of research to examine the potential challenges to achieving the forecasts in the 2012 research. The report will examine broader issues related to travel to work experience, office capacity etc and specific challenges facing sectors, law, accountancy, banking etc. Challenges to Growth in the Financial And Professional Services Sector. Check out the briefing paper here.

Zombie companies, myth or reality front cover!Zombie companies myth or reality? September 2012 September 2012.





The Saturday Economist 15th September
Saturday Economist 1 September Front Cover

Saturday Economist 1 September Front Cover

The Saturday Economist Front Cover 25th August

The Saturday Economist Front Cover 25th August

The Saturday Economist 18th August

The Saturday Economist 18th August

The Saturday Economist 11th August 2012

The Saturday Economist 11th August 2012

The Saturday Economist 15th September 2012, Bernanke offers more QE





The Saturday Economist 8th September 2012, Draghi saves the world.






The Saturday Economist 1st September action this day, is this a V sign to Plan A?






The Saturday Economist 25th August, GDP revisions and borrowing latest – July.






The Saturday Economist 18th August, retail sales, inflation and employment rise.






The Saturday Economist 11th August UK recession not as deep as feared?





Banking and Commercial Real Estate June 2012

Banking and Commercial Real Estate June 2012


Banking-and-Commercial-Real-Estate, June 2012 The Implications of the FSA thematic review and guidelines on slotting.





Apple from the iPod to the iPad Case Study

Apple from the iPod to the iPad Case Study

Apple From the iPod to the iPad, Case study, 2012 (2nd Edition May 2012)






The Saturday Economist 4th August

The Saturday Economist 4th August


The Saturday Economist 4th August UK Economics and Market Updates. UK GDP to fall by 0.5%.





The Saturday Economist 28th July Don’t miss the review of the second quarter GDP data in this restyled weekly update.




The Saturday Economist Updates

The Saturday Economist 4th August                                                                               The Saturday Economist 28th July                                                                                   The Saturday Economist 21st July                                                                                       The Saturday Economist 14th July                                                                                        The Saturday Economist 7th July                                                                                          The Saturday Economist 30th June                                                                                      The Saturday Economist 23rd June                                                                                      The Saturday Economist 16th June                                                                                      The Saturday Economist 9th June                                                                                       
The Saturday Economist 2nd June

The Saturday Economist Discussion Papers 2012
Discussion Paper Depreciation of Sterling 2008 – 2011                                       April  2012
Forty Years of UK Trade 1970 – 2010                                                                  April 2012
UK recoveries Compared 1930 – 2012                                                                May 2012
What is wrong with QE?                                                                                      May 2012
Don’t worry about the Euro, it has little impact on trade with Europe                                                                                                                May 2012
The IMF, Credit Easing and SME bonds                                                              May 2012

The Corporate Strategist
Apple From the iPod to the iPad, Case study, 2012 (2nd Edition May 2012)

Economics Quarterly
Economics Quarterly Q2 2012
Economics Quarterly Q1 2012
Economics Quarterly Q4 2012
Economics Quarterly Q3 2012
Economics Quarterly Q2 2012
Economics Quarterly Q1 2012

pro.manchester Business Conditions Survey
Business Conditions Survey Q2 2012
Business Conditions Survey Q1 2012
Business Conditions Survey Q4 2011
Business Conditions Survey Q3 2011
Business Conditions Survey Q2 2011
Business Conditions Survey Q1 2011

pro.manchester reports
Innovation and Enterprise 2010 Interim report
Innovation and Enterprise 2010 Final Report
Employment Trends in Financial and Professional Services Sector
Legal Sector Review 2010
Legal Sector Review 2011



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