The UK is in a liquidity trap – say no to more QE on planet ZIRP


A further round of asset purchases merely oils the liquidity trap, digging a deeper hole, increasing the inflationary impact and reducing growth as investment plans are reigned back and household incomes are placed under greater strain. Sometimes the correct action is to do nothing, especially when it is more of the same toxic solution.
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Apple Case Study – from the iPod to the iPad – Product Life Cycles and growth potential


The Apple product life cycles indicates just how big the iPhone and the iPad will be over the next few years. It took the iPod five years to break the thirty million units per annum mark. The iPhone got there in four and the iPad will make it in year two of launch. As for the Sony Walkman it never made it, it took over ten years to top out, the iPod topped out within eight years of launch. Apple product Life Cycles are moving faster and higher sooner than ever before. for Apple, four years of strong growth are evident from products already in the line up, both the iPhone and the iPad are set to hit the one hundred million units per annum mark in 2012 and 2014. Despite the march of the Androids, the Apple growth story will continue.
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