pro.manchester to launch Business Conditions survey with GM Chamber


This week sees the launch of the pro.manchester Business Conditions Survey in association with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. The quarterly poll of nominated members will provide vital information on the health and success of the financial and professional services sector.
Fourteen key questions will be polled on line using Survey Monkey, the on line survey tool. A compilation of the results will be available to members and the results will be combined into the Greater Manchester Chamber Quarterly Economic Survey. The pro.manchester on line poll for Q2 is live and available now for designated respondents within member firms. Respondents will receive individual personalised links to the survey.
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What now for Manchester and MIDAS – manufacturing is for the Midlands and financial services for London says FDI chief?


The coalition government wish to execute FDI policy with a national agenda. It can make little sense to some in Whitehall to have different regions and sub regions competing for the same international projects with the same taxpayer money. But there is a real danger in developing the national agenda which can lead to an over simplification of activity and this is clearly demonstrated by the statement by the CEO of OCO one of the partners in the FDI programme.
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Andrew Sentance promises controversy in pro.manchester speech 26th April

Plenty of good controversial material to draw on in my speech to Pro Manchester at the end of April. It will be looking back at the lessons for monetary policy from the past four to five years and I am looking forward to it.” This was my week-end message from Andrew Sentance, the first hawk on the monetary policy committee to call for an interest rate rise. Andrew will be with us on the 26th April for a members lunch at the Hilton Hotel. Join us from 12:00 until 14:30 for what promises to be a momentous event with significant repercussions for monetary policy. JKA
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Apple – from the iPod to the iPad – a case study in Corporate Strategy


Over the last ten years, Apple sales have increased from $5bn to $65bn and profits have soared to $18 billion. In 2011 sales revenues will exceed $110 billion, thanks to the tremendous success of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. In 2001, Apple sales fell by a third and the company reported an operating loss of $350 million. The company was thought by many to be in trouble. In that year, the the iPod was launched, the concept of the digital hub emerged. The company went from strength to strength. This is the case study of Apple in the digital age.
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Inflation report – it’s time for a futile gesture


The inflation report made for gloomy reading, the bank has adjusted the forecasts for growth this year to around 2% and inflation is heading the wrong way towards 5%. Not to worry, in the medium term, inflation will revert to target 2% because that is the way the Bank of England model works. The Governor cracked a joke, suggesting a rate rise from such a low floor would be a futile gesture to manage the economy. For savers in the “unhappy economy” whose earnings have been severely damaged, this would be a positive gesture to reward the prudent and far from futile. JKA
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