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John Ashcroft

Dr John Ashcroft PhD, BSc.(Econ) FRSA, CBIM.

John is an economist and author of The Saturday Economist. He also publishes the Sunday Times and Croissants, weekly insights into headline news and the week’s top stories.

John is Chief Executive of pro.manchester, a Director of Marketing Manchester, a member of the GM Chamber of Commerce Council and the AGMA Business Leadership Council. He is economics adviser to Duff & Phelps , the international and investment banking services specialist and authors the Duff & Phelps monthly financial updates.

John is a visiting professor at MMU Business School, specializing in Economics, Corporate Strategy, Business and Financial Modelling and an occasional lecturer at Manchester and Salford Business Schools. He is a regular public speaker at conferences, lunches and evening events. Check out the schedule of recent and upcoming events for details.

Education : Educated at the London School of Economics, London Business School and with a PhD in economics from Manchester Metropolitan Business School, John is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Companion of the British Institute of Management and a member of the Society of Business Economists.

With extensive experience of business and corporate finance, in the 1980s he was regarded as one of Margaret Thatcher’s favorite business men and a regular visitor to Downing Street. He was Guardian Young Businessman of the year in 1986 and voted (along with Richard Branson), one of the Top 40 Businessmen under 40 in 1987. John has worked with Bain and Company, Goldman Sachs, S.G. Warburgs, Wasserstein Perella and First Boston completing over sixty corporate finance transactions. The largest deal valued at one billion Dollars in 1987.

Publications include, Apple from the iPad to the iPod, a case study in corporate strategy now in the second edition plus a series of Economics discussion papers including :

Depreciation and the UK trade in goods, 2008 – 2011              April 2012
Forty years of UK trade,  1970 – 2012                                      April 2012
A comparison of UK recession and recoveries, 1930 – 2012     May 2012
What’s wrong with Quantitative Easing?                                    May 2012
Don’t worry about the Euro                                                       May 2012
The IMF, QE, Credit Easing and SME bonds                              May 2012

The publications are available as free down loads from the web site, publications page .


Check out the vimeo channel for videos including the welcome, the SME club video and extracts from recent presentations.  Anecdotes include “travels on Concorde” and “the day  we nearly bought Crown Paints”. A recent presentation on the Coloroll story is also included for the first time in twenty years.


Public Speaking – most requested topics Check out the schedule.                          John is a regular speaker on business, economics, corporate strategy, social media and business and financial modelling. He occasionally does the less formal after dinner sessions. Check out the schedule of recent and upcoming events. If you would like to arrange for John to speak at a forthcoming event or conference please get in touch with the pro.manchester office or e-mail at jkaonline@me.com. Check out the schedule of speaking engagements here.