The Sunday Times and Croissants – “Clegg eggs on party to attack Tories”

The Sunday Times and Croissants, "Clegg eggs on party"

There is something special about Sunday morning, the Sunday Times, hot croissants with honey and butter, excellent.

Headlines “Clegg eggs on party to attack Tories” makes the headlines this week. Trailing in the polls, fourth place behind UKIP, Nick Clegg has ordered his ministers to expose the secret battles with coalition colleagues, to demonstrate the real power the Lib Dems wield behind closed doors in Whitehall.

Gripping stuff. The election run in has begun as we enter the penultimate party season before the election in May 2015. Ed Davey will talk of the battles to make the coalition the greenest party ever, especially in the area of wind technology. Vince Cable will explain how he challenged Theresa May’s immigration, “cash deposit visa” scheme. Lord Oakeshott yesterday attacked the Chancellor’s “home for heroes phase II” scheme and Nick Clegg will explain how he blocked the proposed change in nursery staff ratios. Wow, who would have thought a minority party could achieve so much?

Will the message get across? Maybe, the female vote is available. Most women think David Cameron is too posh. “Out of touch, elitist and too posh” the verdict of Mumsnet, the web site for parents. “One is not elitist”, the official response from Number Ten.

In other news, good new for Pets at Home, especially royal pets at home. The queen’s corgis enjoy fillet steak and chicken breast prepared by a chef, delivered by a footman and covered by gravy, poured by the Queen herself. Imagine that, the Queen has to pour her own gravy! Shocking news from a new book by Brian Hoey a Royal biographer.

In an attempt to get height into the bloodline, the Queen likes to see the Corgis mated with Dachshunds. Because dachshunds are shorter in the leg, (than corgis), the dachshunds are first “mounted on a brick” then “mounted by a corgi”. Fascinating. Thank heavens it wasn’t a Great Dane, one would need a bricklayer. Yes – “Pets by Royal Appointment”, definitely one for the reading list or could be used as a canine sex aid.

David Smith, “The squeeze on pay, will not go away”, the Economics Editor resorts to rhyming slang to get the message across this week. Good news on jobs on Wednesday but average earnings at 1% will be a drag on growth despite the anticipated fall in inflation this month and next.

The Saturday Economist, in the Saturday Economist, this week, we review the latest data on jobs and construction. Plus we look at the RICS proposal to peg house prices to 5%. Speed bumps and knock out drops, not to be missed.

Back to the day Job – Highlights of the week
Monday – team meetings in the morning and briefing with the Chamber of Commerce Economics and PR team in the afternoon

Wednesday, presentation of the Annual review of the Financial and Professional Service Sector to Sir Richard’s EMG group in the morning. Followed by a presentation to a large delegation from Shanghai with New Economy at lunch time. The issue of employment law and tribunals mystifying to visitors. Some good questions, “will we ever run out of work for lawyers”, my particular favourite.

Thursday, I present at the Manufacturing Matters conference at Salford Stadium organised by Richard Jeffery and the Growth Hub. A good conference with over 250 in attendance. Sue Barnard organises a great event. Manufacturing does matter but we have to be realistic about the sectors with real growth prospects. “On shoring” is not one of them. The presentation and slides are available on line.

Friday, a trip to Leeds to speak at the Chamber of Commerce President’s Lunch. I am a guest of Mark Goldstone CEO and Nigel Foster President. I travel by train, the grand kids would be so excited. Really nice event and such a warm welcome from our colleagues in Leeds. My thanks to them.

Saturday, working in the morning, the day starts as usual with tea, the FT, and the Economist app. In the afternoon, tennis, it was a win 8 – 6. Yes a win. Please phase your messages of congratulations, usually tinged with incredulity, to avoid an in box overload.

Hope all is well, more news next week,

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