Secrets of a great presentation using words that sell

The Corporate Strategist - Secrets of a great presentation

Got a presentation to make, or interested in what makes for a great presentation, check out the Corporate Strategist guide to “Words that sell” and “Secrets of a Great Presentation”, the impact can be huge.

Have Presence – It helps if you have presence, that unknown “je ne sais quoi”, the weight of personality, a kind of “charisma” always best if you like people, are empathetic and have “sympa”. The impact will be great.

Be comfortable – You have to be at ease, it relaxes the audience, avoiding a sense of foreboding in the room, the belief that something is going wrong is best easily avoided if you have presence are comfortable and appear to be in control. It is best to be cool.

Prepare – Preparation and rehearsal is the key to a relaxed and comfortable presentation. Know your subject, be familiar with your material and ensure any technical issues have been ironed out. A smooth performance can be remarkable and stunning.

Be confident, that is “appear” confident, hold the stage, take time before opening the presentation, make sure you look left and right to all sections of the audience. Use the pause for effect and purpose. Don’t cling to the podium, be prepared to walk the stage.

Be enthusiastic, use the “words that sell” and weave them into your presentation. Huge, amazing, astounding, remarkable, results will ensue if you can sweep the audience along with your powerful vocabulary. Excitement is contagious.

Be passionate, if you are talking about a new product or service, be passionate in the delivery. It is the only way to carry a crowd.

Avoid jargon, make everything as simple as possible, don’t just talk about the product, explain what it does or what it is for, demonstrate the benefits and the bonuses. Explain clearly.

Be Authentic – No one likes a fraud and the audience will soon detect a fraud, someone dishonest or uncomfortable with the subject, best to speak about something you know about and in which you strongly believe.

Close with a bang
Leave with an impact, that way the audience will know the show is over but more importantly, you will leave them with something to remember. Something, incredible, amazing, huge, beautiful, remarkable, fantastic, stunning, tremendous, …..

In a sales pitch?  Don’t forget the magic of three,
Step 1 : Show them they have a need,
You have to show your audience or your client group, why they need you, your company and your product. Use statistics, stories or analogies to make your point and satisfy your audience, they will have the incentive to use you, your company or your product or services.

Step 2 : Show them you can meet that need.
Demonstrate how the problems identified can be overcome using your products or services.

Step 3 : Show them you can meet that need, now
This is where, visualization helps : The Apple guys are great, the iPad mini as thin as a pencil, the MacBook that fits inside the envelope. Build to the finale and close.

Check out the secrets of a great presentation by Steve Jobs for more tips.

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