The Corporate Strategist and the Microsoft Surface™

The Corporate Strategist and the Microsoft Surface
The Corporate Strategist And the Microsoft Surface

The Corporate Strategist And the Microsoft Surface

The Surface™ doesn’t really look cool. It’s a hybrid, part laptop – part tablet. It has the styling of a beachfront deck chair. It has all the look of a Zune.

The Microsoft Surface is coming. The follower to the iPad, MS integrates application with new OS software to launch a belated me too for the Apple iPad. Speculation is rife about how the other OEM firms like Dell and Hewlett Packard will react but inevitably the move will give a boost to Android and Google. But wait, rumors abound that Google will launch it’s own mini book soon as software and hardware go vertical in a move which may leave many OEM’s high and dry.

The Surface™ has lots of great features to compete with the iPad – music, movies, games, software including MS Office. It has two cameras, a USB port, an SD slot, a 10” screen, with HD display. It has an integrated kickstand and typing pad. It comes in five colours.

But is is too late? and is it that great? Pricing will be a challenge for the Redmond strategists. Apple prepared for competitor entry with expanded price points for the Apple product offer. Retention of the iPad 2 alongside the iPad (3) created a price spread with which readers of the Apple Case Study will be familiar. The same thing happened with the iPod price points.

Applications are also a challenge for the new entrant. The iPad, iPod, iPhone family now boasts over 500,000 apps available to download from an integrated on line delivery platform. Developers love a ready made market, which may suggest time invested in Surface™ Apps may not yield a decent return.

And what of connectivity, OK it has a USB port and an SD slot but what of WiFi and xG. Is there more to come?

Then finally the question of design, Microsoft lack a real product champion- to helicopter the design and development process, to ensure the horse doesn’t look like a zebra with humps.

The Surface™ doesn’t really look cool. It’s a hybrid, part laptop – part tablet. It has the styling of a beachfront deck chair. It has all the look of a Zune. JKA

The size is similar to the latest iPad, which is 9.4 millimetres thick and weighs 1.3 pounds. The basic version of the Surface is 9.3 millimetres thick and it weighs under 1.5 pounds. A 0.7-millimetre thick kickstand pops out from the back to hold it upright. The Surface screen measures 10.6 inches diagonally, compared with 9.7 inches for the iPad, but it comes in the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is suited to watching video in the widescreen format. The iPad’s screen size ratio is 4:3.

What they say?
Microsoft Surface™
From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Surface™. Create, collaborate, and get stuff done with Office. Explore your world with fast, fluid Windows 8 apps. Discover new music, movies, and games in the Windows Store.1

Always on the go
Surface™ is thin, light and it has a great battery. At 9.3 mm, Surface™ for Windows RT is just thin enough to sport a full sized USB port. Print, share or charge your battery on the go. Head out knowing that you are ready for anything.

Hands off entertainment
Surface™ has a 10.6″, 16:9 widescreen HD Display. Microsoft’s ClearType HD Display technology delivers a great picture for movies. An ultra-wide viewing angle makes it easy for your friends to share in the vibrant experience. The auto-adjusting screen intensity delivers great visual clarity, indoors and out. The addition of the Micro SD card slot means you can bring your entire movie and music collection with you on vacation.

Type with ease and get stuff done
Some activities call for a keyboard. Surface™ comes with an integrated Kickstand and a revolutionary, 3mm thin, pressure sensitive cover that doubles as a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad. Your Touch Cover connects to your Surface™ with a single magnetic click. Now you can chat with friends and respond to emails comfortably.

Capture life from all sides
Surface™ has not just one, but two cameras. Use the front LifeCam to chat with the people that you care about. The rear-facing LifeCam is angled to 22 degrees so you can flip out the Kickstand and record meetings and events hands-free. Stereo speakers and dual microphones tuned for Skype help you sound like you are right next door.

Protect what matters
Surface™ was designed to be your go-to-device. It comes with a precision crafted VaporMg casing that protects the vital technology inside and leaves a high quality finish and feel.

Express yourself
Touch Cover comes in five vibrant colors. Type Cover offers classic typing experience for those who prefer a more traditional keyboard. Pick the one that best meets your needs and represents your sense of style.

The Case Study : 2nd Edition Apple from the iPod to the iPad is available as a free download.

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