#GMTweetmap How big is the Greater Manchester Twitter population? GM is the Twitter Capital outside of London


How big is the Greater Manchester twitter population? A better site for purpose is http://followerwonk.com. A search for Manchester produces a return of over 60,000 twitter users (60,609). This compares well with Liverpool (28,978), Glasgow, (27,808), Leeds (23,457), Bristol (22,636) and Edinburgh (19,241). Manchester is clearly the Twitter capital outside of London. [London has 369,033 users].
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#GMTweetmap : @promanchester trails behind @PiccPigeon in latest shock update.


GM Tweetmap Manchester airport remains in top slot with nineteen thousand followers but Mancunians obviously love a gossip and @McrGossip is in second place with over fourteen thousand followers. Visit Manchester, Manchester Biz and the Cornerhouse push into the top five. Most prolific twitterers are Inside the M60, Manchester Chimp and the MEN business magazine closely followed by Manchester Airport and espionage Manchester.
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Submarines in the Irwell, sappers in MOSI, the pro.manchester Annual Lecture


I recommend a visit to MOSI, it is highly exciting and the new events room makeover is so very high tech. So high tech in fact, the flashing lights, screen show and noises off, easily give the impression of living through and episode of Doctor Who. It is so spooky, one begins to wonder if the machines are really in charge. They are not silenced easily.
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Groupon IPO – things going well – send more money – the burn rate is back.


As a chief exec of a large organisation, the one message from the front line we used to dread was “Things going well send more money.” The dot.com boom has been and gone but the “burn rate” is back. The value is in the database of 100 million plus subscribers which should be achieved this year. The issue is the sustainability of the model once the cost of acquisition or transaction is trimmed. The average subscriber revenue in 2010 was $14.10 and in the first quarter of 2011 was $7.75. The acquisition and marketing cost per subscriber was $8.64 in 2010 and $4.83 in the first three months of 2011.
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Rebalancing the UK economy is incoherent mishmash verging on codswallop says Tyrie


Manufacturing is experiencing above trend growth as it always does at this stage in the cycle. It’s like falling off a cliff and recovering from a coma, a recovery of sorts but still a long way off the top. An industry struggling to find its feet again is a rebalancing of sorts, but it is more like a prize fighter staggering to his feet after a near knock out punch. It is rebalancing George but not as you mean it. That’s verging on codswallop.
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